September 30, 2008

Something that was bugging me:

I knew Paulson reminded me of someone.

Per Wikipedia, Paulson was raised as a Christian Scientist and worked in the Nixon admin. as assistant to John Ehrlichman during the events of the Watergate scandal, for which Ehrlichman was convicted to a prison sentence. Paulson joined Goldman Sachs in 1974 and eventually became its chief executive. The company was under investigation for fraud by Elliott Spitzer during Paulson's leadership. (As of 10-2-08, the Wikipedia entry on Paulson mentioned this, but the entry's been scrubbed since my previous post on the topic. Spitzer himself has, of course, been conveniently neutralized.)

Paulson is the person whose job it is to restore our confidence in the markets.

I'm gonna be Paulson for Halloween -- a decent candidate for the new scariest person on Earth.

UPDATE: Here's more from Spitzer on Paulson and the bailout.

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