December 13, 2008

Weirdness Compounded

"Do you feel like getting together with a bunch of like-minded people to plot the counterrevolution? . . . You can join me, my wife, Elizabeth, senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein, managing editor David Kupelian and some old friends and new friends Jan. 4-11, 2009, as we conspire to fight back the threats to our freedom posed by incoming President Barack Obama (oh, how I hate to type that name with that title before it!)

"But this won't be a meeting held in some fleabag hotel somewhere. We will be plotting in style – aboard the Holland America line's ms Veendam luxury cruise ship, as we explore Western Caribbean destinations for seven days.

"It will be good to get away for a while. You need it. I need it. It gives you perspective, stimulates the brain, increases creativity.

"And, brother, do we ever need to be at our sharpest now!"

(More here.)

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