June 4, 2009


These events at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, sound fun:

Flesh Car Crash
THURSDAY, JULY 2, 7-10pm
For Flesh Car Crash, members of OJO will split into two groups, each of which will pack into a small car. Once there, they will make music both by utilizing objects and materials in the cars' interiors and by playing instruments powered by the cars' batteries. Audience members will be invited to assist with the composition. The cars will dance, glide, and narrowly miss each other in a choreographed game of chicken. The finale should be explosive!

Interactive Lecture Series
For this collective's final Engagement Party event, OJO, along with special guests as well as members of the audience, will create an abnormal lecture experience. Presenting talks on various topics, members of OJO will take up position beside the lectern as the house band, using audio trickery to affect the audience's reception of live speech. Focusing on specific words and phrases in order to induce listeners to react in all sorts of ways, their interventions should lead to a chaotic and memorable lecture.
More at MoCA. How about a "directed acting" gig where we divide the crowd into factions in a mock gummint and a mock electorate, and have them shout p.o.v.'s at each other? Of course the script would need a delicate hand, but I think I could handle that . . . .

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