October 31, 2009

Gene Elder Declares July, 2010 "Political Art Month"

Elder describes himself an "artist, businessman, Texan, American, Defender of the Faith, and Homoiousian." He is also Director of the HAPPY Foundation archives and the suspected founder of the MUD Underground, which he bills as "Artists hell bent on taking over the world" and "Where the demarcation lines between politics, religion, espionage, high finance, art, and nudity begin to dissolve," and which I believe should be credited for the Alamo Cam (below); and he's also founder of the Wedding Cake Liberation Front.

When Elder organized a peace demonstration to take place in front of the Alamo Cam, he claimed to have sent the police a letter:
Dear Chief McManus and Officer Birney,
I am letting you know that there will be a gathering of people on Alamo Plaza . . . to send a message to Congress about our dissatisfaction over Bush's War.

* * * * *
. . . . we would appreciate the presence of police . . . so if anything such as the throwing of water balloons at us or yelling obscene remarks you will be there ready to catch their sorry asses and hog tie them and drag them to jail where they will be held as terrorists under the new and improved Neo-Con Patriot Act where they can not see a lawyer and can be kept in jail indefinitely.

In Peace and Love

Gene Elder
Re- Political Art Month, he writes, "Our goal [among others] is to alert all galleries across America to devote some thought and time to either political, social or religious subject matter for July. . . . Join us now and add your name to the national list and start planning what [your city] will be exhibiting."

[If you'd like to be listed, please let me know in a comment and I'll get your info to Elder.]

The image above usually refreshes every 30 seconds, but you may need to reload this page to get newer images. You're likely to see glare at dawn and dusk and little detail after dark.

UPDATE: Gene reports The Yes Men have said "yes" to PAM!

And b.t.w., if you haven't already, check out Glasstire's Top Ten List: Art Activism.

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