January 26, 2010

Idiotarod SOLD


The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. The IDIOTAROD is pretty much the same thing, except instead of dogs, it's people; instead of sleds, it's shopping carts; and instead of Alaska, it's New York City. The sixth annual event happens January 31, 2009.

"What's the route?
"That's up to you. We will give racers a starting line, some checkpoints and a finish line. You choose the fastest path. You will be held at each checkpoint for the facing of trials and challenges that will build your character as you journey toward victory.

"Are there rules?
"Yes, so many you almost can't count them on your fingers.

"Does my team have to bring its own shopping cart?

"Can we modify our shopping cart?
"Please do."

The Story:

Danger Zone has announced that it has SOLD control of Idiotarod to "a private waste management firm," Corporation X. Danger Zone intends to "retire from combat service and open a private grocery-store, transport-vehicle consulting racing consulting firm.

More on the sale here. More on the Idiotarod here.

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