June 9, 2010


"Our mission with The Second Program remains as before--to bring to Dallas international work that for the most part would not have any other venue in this area. The format for 2010, however, is very different. Here is our schedule of events:

"July 22 - Premiere showing of Brent Green's feature film Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at the Dallas Museum of Art.

"July 31 - Opening night of The Second Program at Conduit Gallery, an exhibition curated by Charles Dee Mitchell featuring work by David Askevold, Jon Gitelson, Matthew Day Jackson, Luke Murphy, Jason Rhoades, Erin Shirreff, and Bill Viola. (Exhibition continues through Aug 28.)

"August 4 - Dallas premiere of Rape of the Sabine Women by Ann Sussman and the Rufus Corporation at the Angelika Mockingbird Station. (This screening is made possible by a generous donation from Karen Erxleben Weiner.)

"August 7 - An evening of short films curated by Bart Weiss at Conduit Gallery.

"August 18 - Area premiere of Double Take, a film by Johan Grimonprez at the Angelika Mockingbird Station. (This screening is made possible by a generous donation from Half Price Books, Records, and Magazines, Inc.)
"More information on all these events can be found on facebook."

(By the way, some of you have assumed I'm involved in The Second Program; I am not. The Video Association invited me to co-curate again, and I'm grateful for their support of my efforts past and present; but the main reasons I did the first The Program were to get to see a ton of work and bring my video art education up to date {as well to share as much of it as possible with you}, and after the first The Program, having accumulated ca. 90,000 words of succinct notes on works I'd seen, I felt I'd gotten far enough along with that for a while and wanted to focus more energy on other projects. I'm delighted that Bart Weiss and Dee Mitchell are carrying on without me, and I plan to enjoy every bit of The Second Program. Hope to see you there!)

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