August 28, 2010

The Art Guys: "The Statue of Four Lies"

"'Texas' most surprising statue!'" – the first of the four?

“Bronze! Concrete! Landscaping! A plaque!”

“’The Statue of Four Lies’ is beautifully rendered in bronze, wonderfully situated, and shows the ability of post late 20th century period artists to create masterpieces,” said Dr. Paul Kittleson, Secretary General of the COA. “We are excited to see this statuary,” Kittleson said and he indicated that the statue depicts a bearded man who seems to be reaching forward in what he describes as a theatrical gesture. “It’s as if he is doing something in front of an unseen audience,” said Dr. Kittleson. The second statue represents another man, this one clean shaven, who is situated adjacent to the first statue and in an almost identical but opposite pose. “This figure,” commented Kittleson, “is similar in form to the first statue but it’s definitely different.” He said that it portrays the dramatic moment when the figure was liberated from the “double dungeon of darkness and silence.” A number of other bronze artifacts will be installed, including a plaque. “This statue adds to our information about this very interesting period in history, and about the statues made within this precinct,” said Kittleson. “You could almost write the history of art just from these statues.”

“Educational! Safe! Clean!”

Installation work on the plaza for “The Statue of Four Lies” started last October with small sounding in disturbed areas of the courtyard pavement as part of a comprehensive research program carried out since 2002 in the central zone. It is hoped that it will shed more light on the different stages of this area as well as analyzing the vestiges found in the foundations that testify to its original former arrangement. Also, additionally, a life-size statue of a suitcase will be installed too. Karen Farber, General Supervisor of the University of Houston Aesthetics Department of the COA, added "It’s beautiful, quaint statuary, that I'm sure anyone would like," says Farber, "What really surprised and delighted us was the first rate quality of the statues."

“No statue is better!”

Dr. Mike Guidry summarized the statue as such, “Our team all were in agreement that this experience has been unparalleled by any that we previously had, which means a lot considering we have other ‘art’ all around the campus." He adds, “We believe ‘The Statue of Four Lies’ will bring a bevy of activity from curiosity seekers to visit the venue in the center of the University. The ‘Statue of Four Lies’ is designed to be approachable and inspiring, especially to children. It is fully accessible from all sides so that all visitors, regardless of their personal limitations, may experience it. It is hoped that tourists will come to delight in this chance to see the ‘The Statue of Four Lies’ up close and personal as they continue to be enjoyed”.
If you ask me, the four lies are true.

See the "dramatic unveiling" Wed., 9/22, University of Houston, south side of Lynn Eusan Park, 4385 Wheeler Street, Entrance 5, Houston, TX; more at The Statue of Four Lies.


  1. dear blogger c-Blog, i haven't yet come across any words indicating that the "art guys" wanted to insult an establishment naive enough to pay for their work. that is how i feel about their installation, based on the name and on the "art guys" other projects. the only bright spot for me is that now the black community hereabouts, with their
    "field of vision" is no longer alone in being saddled with hideous public art.

  2. My name is Anonymous Grant and I saw the statue Saturday and I just have to say I loved the statue and that it was very interesting. Four years ago I commissioned some artists to do a statue for the glory of our company and they kept moaning and groaning about their "artistic principles" but I couldn't pay them on the chance that they would offend and could only pay them if they guaranteed to inspire our company. But I can really identify with the two men and the bearded one looks a little like me. Good work!