November 6, 2010

NDTV India: 24/7 Coverage of Obama's Visit

here. The Indians are apparently excited.

I'd love to go to India; and not just 'cuz of the awesome commercials I'm seeing on this channel; I have the general if largely unresearched impression that India may now be the world's biggest lab for unfettered capitalism (possibly even moreso than the U.S.?)

At this moment, NDTV's reporting that the U.S. is now willing to lift restrictions against the export to India of sensitive nuclear weapons technologies so as to – surprise! – benefit U.S. companies selling same, and that it's probably only because we're in such bad economic shape that we're willing to do it. "US, India sign deals worth $20 billion," etc.

Michelle just got up and started dancing with the school kids. Now, Obama.

UPDATE: Per The Colbert Report on 2010-11-08, it was NDTV that cited an anonymous official as the source for the myth that Obama's trip is costing $200 million per day.

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