December 16, 2010

They Rule

They Rule is a site by Josh On that lets you select various companies, institutions, and/or individuals, then makes visual maps of their interconnections via ownership or membership on Boards, and then in some cases lets you search for additional info relating to the results.

Here, for example, is a chart showing that six of the board members of The NYT sat on boards of 13 of the top 500 US companies as of 2004, and that also provides links for you to search for NYT articles on those companies – the concern being that, given that those companies are in a position to exert indirect influence over The NYT, the newspaper's coverage of them might tend to follow the principal of, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" (click on the image for a more legible version, or just go here, click on "Load Map," and see some maps other people have already created).

Then bookmark for future reference.

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