July 24, 2011


"Thousands of tweets erupted in a matter of hours on #Jul23 protesting the US's failed debt ceiling talks and general policies. Spurred by @JeffJarvis . Seen by some as part of #WorldRevolution or #USRevolution." More at Raw Story.

Twitter capp'd the trend early on, but you can see how it's doing at trendsmap.com.

A few samples:

#f@ckyouwashington for sending our soldiers on 6, 7, 8 tours in combat zones yet thinking it's too much to ask the richest to pay taxes

#f@ckYouWashington for forgetting WHO you represent, Families,Elderly,Moms,Kids, WORKERs...NOT the Coporate Pigs who you cater to

#f@ckYouWashington for thinking activists are the same as terrorists

#f@ckyouwashington for paying billions more to hire private contractor cronies in the name of "efficiency"

#f@ckyouwashington for killing US entry into the Kyoto Accord & failing to police polluters

#f@ckyouwashington for trying to turn the Internet into the biggest top-down surveillance system ever

#f@ckyouwashington for allowing corporations to tie up copyright & patent rights to the point of stifling actual creatives

#f@ckyouwashington for spending tax dollars to illegally propagandize US citizens

#f@ckyouwashington for spending trillions to spread "democracy" abroad while gutting our Constitutional rights at home

#f@ckyouwashington for allowing Repubs to own 95% of the media AND the voting machines

#f@ckyouwashington for ignoring the biggest public outcries against media consolidation in history & approving mergers like Murdoch's

#f@ckyouwashington for repealing laws that would have prevented the 2008 financial meltdown & then claiming "no one could have foreseen it"

#f@ckyouwashington for moving mountains to disable Wikileaks while refusing to prosecute the people who lied us into Iraq

#f@ckyouwashington for threatening seniors with their SS checks they spent a lifetime paying in while working and building this country

#f@ckyouwashington for making the healthcare reform law not worth the paper it is printed on

How it started here.

As Jeff Howe tweeted: “If this trends all weekend, you think it won’t make news? It will. And a statement."

UPDATE: Unfortunately, not quite yet (surprise surprise).

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