May 1, 2012

Tim Poole Streaming from May Day Demos in NYC

. . . at At this moment, masses of police are confronting even greater masses of Occupiers at Veterans' Plaza, and police are announcing that the park closed at 10PM and that people "will not be arrested if [they] leave within the next 5 min."

* * * * *

Protesters left the plaza for the street and are now marching on the sidewalks, to the extent there's room, and in the street to the extent there isn't. Police just knocked a guy onto the ground who was trying to walk away from them and then struck him repeatedly with a steel baton, in front of 3,400 current viewers. Tim says three federal lawsuits were filed against the NYPD yesterday.

Numerous arrests are taking place. It seems the police drag someone they want to arrest into the street and get him on the ground, while insisting that other protesters stay on the sidewalks, which makes it more difficult to film the arrest.

Police raided various activists' homes last night; more on that at Gawker.

Bursts of vandalism were reported in some cities; however, despite all the arrests of peaceful protesters, the police apparently didn't manage to arrest any of the vandals. There were reports that the police actually seemed to be escorting the vandals, and many suspect they were infiltrators planted to try to discredit the protesters; see, e.g., this.

Some coverage and photos of the day's demonstrations at The Guardian and HuffPo.

* * * * *

Protesters are now heading to Zucotti.

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