January 13, 2013

Sayonara for Now

As expected, Grrrgle has not relented and restored the Blogspot user interface (see here); so, for that and other reasons, I've decided to take an indefinite hiatus from this blog.

If Grrrgle had any real imagination, they'd have offered bloggers the opportunity to purchase access to the old interface for a monthly fee.  I'm sure a lot of bloggers would have taken them up on it, and Grrrgle could have made more money than they do on whatever cost savings or data mining they hope to exploit by forcing us onto the new interface.

This blog was begun in April, 2007, this is my 1,426th post on it, and Grrrgle tells me that, as of when I more or less stopped posting last fall, c-Blog was averaging some 4,000 unique viewers per month.

Thank you for your valuable attention through the years.  I'll continue to work on various other projects, of course, and hope that you too will keep up the good work of helping to re-create our joint art project, the world. 

To the Batcave!