July 24, 2008

Re- UFO's

I'm agnostic about pretty much everything. I operate on the basis of temporary conclusions; "truth" is whatever seems to have worked best so far in terms of predictive power – like, if you live based on certain assumptions, what's your subsequent quantity and quality of life? I have to say, a lot of us live by stuff that does not pass this test.

I don't know how seriously to take the recording at the link below, but it seems to me unlikely that we are the only life in the universe, or the most advanced. I find the possibility of UFO's more plausible than any number of articles of religious faith.

I don't mean to promote or disparage either – I'm dam' glad I've never been in a situation that required me to decide whether I actually believe in either an omnipotent deity or aliens.

I do happen to believe that whether one believes in a deity has little to do with how well one behaves. I think any sane person who's had the nurturing and education to think clearly about life (too few of us) will behave pretty much the same way (constructively), whether they believe in any o' that or not.

All that said, check out the Dr. Edgar Mitchell interview here.

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