July 28, 2008


Before you leave the house, you might want to check here for the latest.

A few photos from the Week One opening here, by Ben Britt. He had to leave early; it got fuller later; and everyone came back for Treewave, which played a terrific mash-up incorporating some of the original chiptunes the band's known for, plus new, cool stuff.

Thanks for coming out!

Week One's work will remain on view until noon Thurs., or with respect to a few pieces, longer. We generally expect to be making the switch starting Thurdays at noon, so if you couldn't make it Sat. nite, try to come by Conduit before then to see what you missed.

Next week's exhibition opens Sat., Aug. 2 (Week Two), at 7pm at Conduit. The Barney and Netzhammer continue through Week Two, but everything else will be new. Up-to-date schedule details here.

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