January 21, 2009

Snarky's Fave Twitterer

Can't resist quoting in full (you're the best, snarky!):

Fireland — so many great ones, but here are three six of my favorites (couldn’t narrow down any further):

I dunno. It’s nice having HDTV and Coke Zero and Tumblr and all, but the world really hasn’t been the same since God killed Nell Carter.

Where’s my glue gun?? You guys, it’s only a week till Thanksgiving and my Jordache short shorts aren’t going to fucking bedazzle themselves.

Lassoed the cat’s legs in under 17 minutes! Not too bad for someone who flunked out of rodeo college and just drank a Zima he got on eBay!

Well actually the difference between Helvetica and Arial is pretty glaring if you oh my god this is why I haven’t had sex in twenty months.

I told Dad we needed to start sharing our feelings. He told me to get a blog. So I did. He leaves the same comment on every post: LOL FAG

I keep accidentally getting Tom of Finland toothpaste instead of Tom’s of Maine. It makes me feel fresh but also … confused.

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