January 18, 2009

Hack Attack on Snarky!

. . . by self-labelled "Arab Muslims," though I wouldn't necessarily take that for certain; you never know who might hope to sow ill-will toward them. Anyway, someone hacked one of my fave blogs, by one of my fave friends, creator of subversive crossstitch and kitty wigs. The hacked blog is snarkymalarkey; the pic at right shows what the hackers put up in its place (click on the pic for a more legible version); as of this posting, snarkey's URL brings you to a WordPress "error" notice.

First of all, all sympathy to snarky. Tryin' to find a positive angle on it, possibly it's a bit of an honor for your blog to be deemed impt. enough to be targeted by hackers in far lands (notice to hackers, not only am I not in that class, but I'm backin' this up daily from now on).

Second, I think this may actually be a relatively cool response to what's been happening lately in Gaza. All of Hamas's rockets since the "cease-fire" have killed 13 Israelis; innocent, Palestinian deaths since Israel launched its recent offensive number over a thousand.

Imagine if your kid were blown up.

(And like, how many of us speak/spell Arabic? {Damn few; and 'member how B*sh fired a lot of them for the crime of being gay?})

UPDATE 1/19/09: snarkey's back, better than ever!

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