July 8, 2009

60 Words Per Minute Art Critic

by Lori Waxman (click on the image to enlarge). Basically,

"For two to three days the critic is available, in a given location (usually an artist-run gallery or non-profit arts center), to any artist who wants a review. Artists bring in their work and, on a first-come, first-served basis, the critic spends twenty minutes writing them a review of one to two hundred words. She guarantees a thoughtful, critical but not necessarily positive review. The text is then “published” by the receptionist and posted on an adjacent wall for everyone—critic, artist, receptionist, audience—to read. Eventually all or some of the reviews are published in a magazine or newspaper."
More info here. I'd be v. interested in reports from participants (in any capacity).

UPDATE: Thanks to fluent~collaborative for granting my wish: the critic's performance is reviewed by 7 artists here.

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