July 5, 2009


"When Frederick Douglass was old, a young man asked him what he should do to advance the cause of civil rights. 'Agitate, agitate, agitate!' was the answer Douglass gave.

* * * * *

"Apparently, our agitations and calls for single-payer insurance or at least a strong public option are seen as a nuisance by the Democratic establishment. Now Mr. Obama is telling us to knock it off and to support his watered-down measure, which will itself be further watered down by our jellyfish in the Senate. So we are faced with a choice. Do we trust the President and take his instructions, or do we follow Douglass' advice?

"In the 1960s, civil rights leaders were told to knock it off and wait for a better time. (Sound familiar, gay rights supporters?) Well, Kennedy and Johnson are gone now, but we still have the civil rights act and the voting rights act.

"There is always some excuse to do nothing. Someone once said that well behaved women rarely make history. That is true of any oppressed group."
(Thanks, madfloridian and Deep13!)

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