September 6, 2009

New Work from Eteam

What can you learn about a society from what it throws away? These and other questions are explored by eteam's new video, PRIM LIMIT, which follows what happened after the artists opened Second Life Dumpster (more here and here) – what items were dumped there, who hung out there, how the Dumpster fit in with its virtual surroundings, etc. You can see a low-res version of the video here.

Eteam also has another new piece I like a lot, Truth in Transit; you can see that and more of their work here.

(Both images are from PRIM LIMIT; click on them for larger versions.)


  1. you can see the film @ transmediale festival Berlin 2-7 Feb, screening time Sun 7. Feb, 6.30 pm
    AND: They will will attend screening and Q & A

  2. Clemens, thanks for the update!