March 22, 2010

Welcome to the Justin Gignac Freelance Status Apparatus™®.

The JGFSA™® uses a 6-armed approach so you will no longer be in the dark on Justin’s freelance availability. This trademarked and registered over-utilization of technology brings the info directly to you.

Use one, or all, of the options below to stay informed.

1. Follow Justin's Freelance Status on Twitter
2. Join Justin's Freelance Status Mailing List
3. Join the JGFSA™® Facebook Group
4. Text "jgignac" to 50500 anytime from your phone for Justin's current status.
5. Go to on your iPhone and add a button to your home screen for app-like convenience.
6. Look at the neon sign below.

Gignac also sells authentic, curated NYC garbage in numbered, signed crystal cases.

More good stuff on his site.

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