March 26, 2010

Remember My Post Re- Donations for Haiti?

Specifically, this one, in which I said, "Please consider making your donations to the International Red Cross rather than the American Red Cross. I personally came across numerous reports of problems with the ARC while researching the Katrina disaster, and I'm not the only one; see Common Dreams; see also here and here."?

Well, forgive my i.t.y.s., but:

Recent media reports have revealed that the American Red Cross has collected $354 million for Haiti in the past two months but has accounted for only $106 million. . . . Haitian people have patiently waited for basic necessities, to no avail. The hurricanes and rainy season is just a month away and time is of essence. Shelters are needed now. Where is all the money going?

That was the burning question asked by the crowd that converged on the doorstep of the American Red Cross Headquarters on Monday, March 22, led by the Friday Haiti Relief Coalition. The coalition was organized by the December 12th Movement . . . .

* * * * *
Omowale Clay of the December 12th Movement said, “The American Red Cross has not been held accountable for the hundreds of millions they have collected in the name of Haiti and we won't let them off the hook. They did the same thing during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The money donated to Haiti is for the people in Haiti, not the Red Cross CEO and executive bureaucrats. Haiti needs shelters now!”

More at nyc.indymedia.

(By way of further background, while trying to do something helpful during the Katrina debacle, I came across info from a purported, current ARC employee explaining that several years ago (longer now), conservatives spotted the organization as a cash cow and systematically took it over. Once they gained control, in this employee's local office, all but three of the original 15 employees were fired, with the remaining three left to do the work of all of them. That report was unconfirmed as far as I know; but that wasn't all I came across. For more, go here and search page for Red Cross.)

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