July 16, 2010

A Few Recent Headlines Re- the Economy

. . . that should have appeared prominently in your local corporate media, but mostly didn't:

Republicans Confirm: $30 Billion for Unemployed Would Bankrupt Us, but We Should Extend $600 Billion in Tax Cuts for the Rich (Paul Krugman, "Redo that VooDoo," NYT).

It's All About the Wages: Economy Would be Fine if Everyone Made Their Fair Share (Robert Reich, Alternet). See also 22 Statistics that Prove the U.S. Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out (Business Insider).

Corporate Media Abet Banksters' Lie that Corporate Communisim Is Working ("Lies Divide, Truth Unites," Dylan Ratigan, The Big Picture).

Goldman Gets Off with Fine Worth One Week of Its Trading Income and a Small Fraction of the $16 Billion It Paid in Bonuses Last Year ("Wall Street: The Banks Are Still the Boss," The Guardian).

Unequivocal, Real-time Evidence of Illegal Stock Market Manipulation (Karl Denninger, Market Ticker, starting about half-way into the video).

The New Finance Bill: A Mountain of Legislative Paper, a Molehill of Reform (Robert Reich).

(And speaking of market manipulation, I hope you've heard of the gummint's Plunge Protection Team?)

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