September 17, 2010

Dallas VideoFest 2010 is Almost Here!

Opening night is this Thursday, September 23, and it runs through the weekend. The whole thing is at the Angelika Mockingbird. There will be 3 different channels of programming on 3 screens at all times.

So, time to start deciding what to see.

If you prefer to see more titles at a glance and don't mind clicking for each program blurb, see the online schedule for the Fest here. The Fest website also has trailers and other good stuff.

If you prefer not to have to click for the program blurbs, you can download a PDF of the complete schedule in chron order here. This is the "classic" version I've been putting together for some years, with the programs in chronological order WITH the blurbs right there. The PDF is also (yellow-) highlighted to indicate which programs sounded most interesting to me based on my own idiosyncratic preferences, what I've seen before, etc.

I haven't kept up with all the info coming out about particular programs (see the Fest's Facebook page), so please feel free to add info in comments to this post.

Hope to see you at the Fest!

UPDATE to share the benefit, such as it is, of some additional notes for an art-oriented friend:

On the chron schedule, in some cases I just highlighted the first letter – those also sounded interesting but maybe not quite as much, for me. Most of my guesses are based solely on written descriptions – I didn't have advance access to any Festival submissions this year – and I could easily change my mind.

Beyond that, I CAN say . . . I think more than one doc on Thursday will be very good – I'd pick one of those based on your interests.

On Friday, DON'T MISS the Alt Animation compilation. Re- Lethe, I've seen just one other Lewis Klahr piece – with my co-curator, Danette Dufilho, for the I Heart Video Art series – and it blew both our minds. And I've seen David Reilly's Please Say Something, and it's brilliant.

On Saturday, if you haven't already seen a lot of Ant Farm, the doc on them would be good. I think Bela will be educational for me; and I don't want to miss the Macbeth piece, although Shakespeare inspires not-so-great as well as great stuff, so you never know. I'm looking forward to the doc on Jeff Koons and The Girl with Black Balloons, and Mars.

Sunday, I'm curious about Webisodes. I think the Vid Garbage compilation shd be considered "do not miss" – in particular, I've seen Prim Limit (which is sort of a sequel to the eteam installation I wrangled for The Program 2008), and I think you'd really like it. I'm v. interested to see Erasing David. Curious about Memories of Overdevelopment. And I never miss The Texas Show, as a way to keep up with the Texas-based community.

All that said, there's usually something I failed to focus on that turns out to be wonderful.
FURTHER UPDATE: Just uploaded a slightly revised chron schedule with one correction and reflecting additional info from Bart about what he'd thought I'd like – here. His estimates re- my likes aren't 100%, but helpful.

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