June 14, 2011

"Anthony Wiener:

. . . Taking the sex out of sex scandals." (Thanks, Pryderi!)

So, what did Weiner do that's so intolerable?

Did he break any laws? No.

Did he broadcast lewd images to minors? No.

Did he cheat on his wife? Not unless you count flirting with other women and likely wacking off while fantasizing about them, things most other politicians have doubtless done.

Is it that he was vain? Surely, again, other politicians are equally guilty.

Is it that he got caught and lied about it? Maybe; but the behavior he got caught in had nothing to do with his job performance, and i.m.h.o., was none of our dam' business. (It's not like Weiner lied, e.g., to get the U.S. into an unnecessary war.) (And if it is our dam' business, by all means, let's get ALL our Congresscritters on the record re- their masturbatory habits, and see if we can catch any more fibbers.)

Is it that he spoke out for liberal positions and made most other Dems look like wusses?

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  1. Now that Anthony "The Package" Wiener is resigning, his new gig will be that of official spokesman for Johnson & Johnson.