June 12, 2011

Boone Needs Dental Surgery!

Mostly recently seen on the cover of Glamourpuss, Boone first achieved stardom as the "Narcoleptic Cat":

Unfortunately, he's apparently enjoyed a few too many bonbons. My friend and Boone's human, Julie, writes,

[Boone] was recently diagnosed with Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions on his two lower canine teeth, which is very painful and makes it difficult for him to close his mouth all the way. His vet prescribed some pricey pain pills to last a week or so, but he will have to undergo surgery to take care of the problem. This means he'll have to be put under anesthesia and have those teeth removed and the roots drilled.

We have positive expectations that the surgery will be successful and he'll be able to enjoy life again, but the estimated cost is in the hundreds. Although Kitty Wigs enjoys a lot of press, we are a very small (1 person/1 cat) home business.

Several of Boone's fans and friends suggested that we stage a fundraiser to help defray the cost of surgery, so here it is. We chose to use this site so we can provide complete transparency about the costs and how much money we have raised.
You can donate or find more info here.

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