November 4, 2011

Report on Occupy Dallas

I dropped by unannounced day before yesterday, before the cold weather blew in. There were more protesters than I'd expected, they were peaceful and in good spirits, and everything seemed in good order. (Click on the images for larger versions.)

Someone had donated tents, and the Hari Krishnas (think Kalachandji's) have been providing much of their food. The camp has internet, though slow; they expected to get faster service soon.

They have a snacks tent and a first-aid tent. They have a library – they'd appreciate donations of more political books, of all persuasions.

Let's see, what else would they like more of . . . . oh yeah, US!

UPDATE: 90.1 FM (Dallas public radio) aired a story on Nov. 4 in which Dallas Occupiers condemned violence attributed to Oakland Occupiers. I hope everyone is at least aware of the possible use of agents provocateurs, as well as that protests often attract anarchist groups that are not committed to nonviolence, as 99% of the Occupiers are. See, e.g., the UK Guardian (assistant editor of conservative magazine admitted posing as a protester and rushing police in an effort to undermine the protest); and provocateurs have also been strongly implicated in Occupier protests in Denver and Minneapolis, as well as at the 2010 G8-G20 protest (see Wikipedia for less recent, well-documented examples).

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