April 2, 2012

Dependent Fair

So you heard about the Independent Fair; but there was also the Dependent Fair, occupying 6 floors of a Comfort Inn on the Lower East Side. The offerings varied widely; OWS even got a room.

The rooms were small and plagued by darkness, glare, and color reflected from yellow walls; nonetheless, many galleries managed to mount interesting mini-exhibitions. I esp. liked the shows installed by Audio Visual Arts, Foxy Production, and Silvershed.

The first image (right) shows part of the "Ministry of Lamination" installation from AVA; the second, a frame of a video by Michael Bell-Smith, from Foxy; the third, offerings from Silvershed. Good articles with photos at Art Fag City and eyes-towards-the-dove; more of my photos here.

More posts on the 2012 Armory week art fairs here.

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