April 19, 2012


. . . it occurred to me recently that perhaps life's a pendulum not so much between pain and boredom, as I understand Schopenhauer wrote, but, at least in the bigger picture, between consciousness and oblivion (both, in my experience, having their merits).

Which may just be another way of saying what I've believed for some time, that the life of the universe is driven by entropy and syntropy, with first one and then the other predominating.

Based on what I see here on Earth, it looks to me like we're on the entropic swing toward greater consciousness (i.e., greater disorder in the physical world {per the second law of thermodynamics} and greater order in the abstract world of information and consciousness).

And as Yeats wrote, "All things fall and are built again, / And those that build them again are gay."

I'm also starting to wonder if all of reality is inter-dimensionally fractal.

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