February 8, 2009

And While You're Contacting Your Congress Critters,

. . . why not urge them to pass legislation to extend the statute of limitations on prosecution of any B*sh administration crimes.

Remember my previous post re- how the Repubs might be holding up Eric Holder's confirmation for more than one reason? Got this from Peace Team today:

One of the most important recommendations by John Conyers in his 487 page recent report "Reining In The Imperial Presidency" was to extend the statute of limitations on the crimes of Bush and Cheney, to allow a fair opportunity for them to be actually investigated by a real prosecutor. Of course the [B*sh] Justice Department was entirely derelict in enforcing the law as to them while they were still in office. To fully preserve and protect the rule of law, the statute of limitations must be extended now.

And sure enough, just the other day Cheney was out there gloating about how the statute of limitations was expiring on some of their most egregious offenses. For example, the midnight putsch to institute a regime of illegal wiretapping occurred in early March of 2004, not quite 5 years ago.
(Emphasis supplied. Specifically, as reported by Politico, Cheney recently said he is "set to plunge into his own memoirs, feeling liberated to describe behind-the-scenes roles over several decades in government now that the 'statute of limitations has expired' on many of the most sensitive episodes. ")

Please go here and tell your reps to extend the statute of limitations. They don't have to convict anyone if there's insufficient evidence; but the B*sh admin's obstructionism must not be allowed to succeed.

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