May 12, 2009

Paul Slocum

is moving to NYC. He's made a huge contribution to the art scene in N. TX and beyond as a working artist (more at Dunn and Brown), musician (myspace page here), and gallerist (and/or gallery was, I think? the first in N. TX to show JODI, Paper Rad, Cory Arcangel, Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, Kristin Lucas, Marisa Olson, Artificiel, Michael Bell-Smith, Kevin Bewersdorf, and many more, while also providing a venue for many worthy locals). And we're so going to miss Paul's hair (tamer than usual in this video).

UPDATE: Follow-up questions:

c: Do you expect to do music gigs in NY?

PS: Yes, I will probably be focusing on my music for a while after I move.

c: Any comments about how you view the relationship between work you make as a musician and work you produce as a visual artist -- present and future?

PS: I focused on music and performance for years before I got into visual art, so many of my ideas grow out of music. The general concepts are similar, but the base aesthetics require the building of different "chops." Video and music are both time-based mediums, so they have more commonalities with each other than they would with static mediums.

c: Re- discussions among your artist friends in NYC you've been missing . . . any examples of particular subjects/issues/developments?

PS: Recently, Guthrie Lonergan spoke at Light Industry, which attracted most of the best new media artists in NY, followed by everyone meeting up at a mexican restaurant to hang out and talk shop. I like both mexican food and new media.
He'll never find the quantity/quality of mex food we've got here in NY, so I'm hopeful he will be back.

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