May 6, 2009

Scalia Pwned by Law Students; Flips Out

"Every year, Fordham University Professor Joel Reidenberg teaches a class on Information Privacy Law. As a demonstration of the widespread availability of information on the Web, he usually asks his students to use free, publicly available tools to find out everything they can about him and compile a fact sheet.

"But this year, Reidenberg decided to do something different, and give his students a new challenge:

"This year, after U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made public comments that seemingly may have questioned the need for more protection of private information, Reidenberg assigned the same project. Except this time Scalia was the subject, the prof explains to the ABA Journal in a telephone interview.

"His class turned in a 15-page dossier that included not only Scalia's home address, home phone number and home value, but his food and movie preferences, his wife's personal e-mail address and photos of his grandchildren, reports Above the Law.

"And, as Scalia himself made clear in a statement to Above the Law, he isn't happy about the invasion of his privacy.

"The last sentence above completely understates the nature of Scalia's anger. It was absolute rage -- in other words, after finding out that what the class had on him, he FLIPPED OUT and immediately issued a pissy statement attacking the good professor."

More at Daily Kos.

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