February 18, 2011

Anonymous Hacks the Hackers

One little-mentioned aspect of the Wikileaks saga is that it appears that from the beginning, t.p.t.b. have led the hacking offensive against WL and Anonymous – i.e., the US government and its contractors started trying to hack WL and Anonymous before Anonymous began any DDoS or other efforts in support of WL.

Here's the latest volley, from the category of don't start what you can't finish, apparently written by a recently outed Anon:

On the Saturday before last, an article appeared in Financial Times in which a certain Aaron Barr, head of US federal contractor HBGary Federal, claimed to have identified by name what he termed Anonymous's "leadership." [Anonymous] responded with a press release conceding defeat. The next day, our hackers infiltrated Barr's personal data as well as that of HBGary Federal and its parent company HBGary, thereafter releasing tens of thousands of company emails, as well as the very document that Barr had planned to sell to the FBI – a document that turned out to be both hilariously inaccurate and not-so-hilariously destined to get some undetermined number of innocents raided by government agents, despite them not having any connection to Anonymous whatsoever. We then released all of these materials ourselves, and in doing so revealed documents that included plans to collect information on the family members of political opponents of the US Chamber of Commerce, as well as a proposal to attack WikiLeaks and key supporter Glenn Greenwald by means of a range of unethical and possibly illegal tactics now being reported by media outlets world wide.
Much more at The Guardian. (Image by Espen Moe.)

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