February 21, 2011

Baptists Claim to Discover Internet’s Purpose, to the Amusement of Anonymous

From Rawstory:

Members of Pastor Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church claim to have discovered the underlying purpose of the Internet: using it "to tell this nation & this world that your [i.e., the Anons'] destruction draws nigh."

* * * * *
"GOD HATES FAGS & LOUSY 'HACKERS!'" they declared, apparently responding to a missive from protest group "Anonymous," which was well known for becoming a persistent antagonist to another group of religious fanatics: the Church of Scientology.
(Yes, it's the same church that threatened to burn Qur'ans.) Thanks for the lulz; but while the Anons could certainly take over the Baptists' computers, the more important question – as the Baptists suggest – is, can the Anons win the p.r. battle for Americans' "hearts and minds"? (Although having Westboro on the other side should help.)

More at Rawstory; and more re- the fictitious "threat" against the Baptists at PCWorld (fundies are just so ends-justify-the-means, but w/o taking responsibility for the consequences other than the one they're fixated on).

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