February 7, 2011

Pictures of a Revolution

"Egyptian anti-government protesters sleep [between] the tires of a military tank stationed on Tahrir (Liberation) Square, which for the past two weeks has been the center of a sit-in protest by thousands of Egyptians demanding the government step down from power. Protesters created a human shield and barricades to fend off pro-Mubarak supporters from getting into the square and to prevent the military from an overnight attack to clear the square from the protesters." Photo by Laura El-Tantawy; more at burn.

Statement from the protesters in Tahrir here.


  1. Ian Whitney in Cairo EgyptFebruary 11, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    Powerful image, Carolyn! Thank you for posting this!

    Your support of the people I am sure has been heard and appreciated!

    Let us hope that the new spring that the future that awaits this amazing country, this country that returns again and again to transform history...without naivete, with peace, with strength and vision may Egypt, may Egyptians shape their own futures.

  2. Thanks, Ian! Yes, this photo really knocked me out.