June 22, 2012

Retirement, Ha Ha!

I have a 401(k) with a major investment company whose name starts with F, which I'll call "F Co." I just got an email from them advising me of five "relatively easy steps that [their] research shows" can help make sure I have a comfy retirement. Here they are:

1. Rebalance your investments, i.e., every once in a while, you should shift some of your funds from stocks into bonds or vice versa, to keep from accumulating too much of either. This is investments 101 and I don't think most of us needed F Co.'s "research" to reveal it to us. It also kind of assumes we're actually accumulating too much of either stocks or bonds, which hasn't been a problem for most of us 99%-er's lately.

2. Contribute more to your savings. Duh!

3. Put off retiring. Here's where I guffawed.

4. Work during retirement. Seriously, they counted that as a separate "step" toward a comfy retirement. Well, maybe the job market will have picked up in another ten or fifteen years.

5. (Drumroll . . . ) Sell your home.
Since 1/4 of my retirement funds were melted in 2008, I'm really glad for F Co.'s "research."

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