March 12, 2009

2009 Volta NY

More pics and vidis starting here.

As I understand, this show was curated based on the artists -- the curators first selected artists they wanted to include, then invited galleries to show those artists.

Alex Rose's collage-based work was knock-out; I took several pics starting here, but they don't come close to doing it justice.

What may not be obvious from my pics of the Tabula Magica (starting here) is that this very thick volume is filled exclusively with tables of contents of other volumes relating to magic. And the glowing, life-size figure in Fernando Mastrangelo's installation is, I take it, actually made of cocaine.

I also liked a lot of the other work including Troels Carlsen's.

I shot the t-shirt in honor of Misty and Brian!

Note the sign behind Alejandro Diaz's tortilla stand: "MARFA: 1,600 MILES." Finally, Erica Eyres' The Male Epidemic just gets funnier as it goes on from here.

I learned only on the last nite that Volta had curated video screenings every evening, at another location. I caught most of the last one; the pieces I saw were vintage and worthwhile and, I expect, were items that one doesn't often get the chance to see. I hope they'll do video programming again next year.

(B.t.w., in case you can't read it, the sign on Alejandro Diaz's birdcage says, "Lost our Lease.")

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