March 30, 2009

A Few Items from the Current DU T-Shirt Contest

(here) ("DU" =


Nice post, Freeper.
[I mean . . . that's my entry.]

Something about narwhals. Maybe something like "NARWHALS RRRRAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRR."

'What's that?' (pic of DU/brain). 'That's the brain cells you're saving with DU.'

Democratic Underground: Where Stoners and Gun Nuts Coexist Happily (most of the time).

Girls, Guns, Gays, and Government Spies -- all at DU.

Republicans: Bugs on the Windshield of Progress.

Democratic Underground: The Letters in Our Name Can Be Rearranged to Spell, 'Red Ground - A Comedic Turn.'

We're Democrats Because the Letters in 'Republican Party' Can Be Rearranged to Spell, 'Prepay Lubricant.'

PAUL KURGMAN [sic] IS A PASTY [followed by pic of a past

DU: Casting Asparagus on Morans Since 2001

DU: Where Sinners Post Logic

DU: We've Told You So Since 2001

DU: Now with Even More Democracy!

DU: You probably Won't Like Our Hair

DU: You Can't Not Look at It

Peace: Not just for Hippies Anymore

My mother spends all her time on Democratic Underground . . . and all I get is this crappy t-shirt.

DU: Because You
Can Handle Reality.

We Come to Bury Conservative Idiots, Not to Praise Them.

The truth awaits you.

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