March 7, 2009

Vanessa Beecroft at Deitch Projects

As mentioned, I'm in NYC for a month. Below is a Vanessa Beecroft performance/sculpture that opened at Deitch Projects last nite (click on the image for a larger version) -- I understand it's her first in 8 years.

The super-white figures are cast sculptures; the not-so-white ones are people. There were about 20 of each in this room. They just lay there with their eyes closed, then gradually a few opened their eyes. As you can see, the figures are in various poses suggesting greater or lesser comfort with their nudity. One oddity was that most of the cast figures seemed to have been created with something under their heads, so that, unlike the life figures, the cast heads were a few inches off the floor. In the other room, there were about 8 similar, black figures -- no live people -- lined up on a simple table.

The big art fairs are in town -- Armory, Pulse, Scope, and a new one called Volt NY -- so there's lots going on and I'm having a great time and shooting lots of pics and movies, which I'll blog as soon as I have the chance. I just picked this piece out to post 'cuz I figured my sig. other would like it. (Click on the pic to enlarge.)

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