March 31, 2009

A Modest Proposal Re- Dating Conventions and Kitty Butts

Soon we'll have semantic computing and even good image search capabilities, but personally I think it'll be a while before they can beat an organizationally-inclined brain.

I find it helpful to include dates in some of my file names; e.g., I identify some files of photos using geographical location and date (in case I went to a location more than once). E.g., marfa04.

So . . . if you date items using the English conventional dating system -- e.g., 3/31/09 for March 31, 2009 -- all listed March files from whatever year will be clumped together -- not helpful.

If you date them using the European conventional system -- 31/3/09 -- the results are even more cockeyed (although the European has always seemed more logical to me otherwise).

However, if we adopt a convention of year/month/date, all files are listed in chron order. That's how I've begun dating my files. And I suggest we use a four-digit year -- it's worth it in the long run.

The pic has nothing to do with this proposal -- just something to rev up the post; you can see the whole of Rupaul's new music video here.

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